Unidawn is based on a unique concept at its core, named; Social Identity Networking. Social Identity Networking will help Unidawn tackle current Global Social Problems and Issues on other Social Media Platforms. It also Emphasizes on the user/identity and builds an environment around them so that they are Protected, Rewarded and Respected for Their Primary activities; Data Generation, Sharing & Networking.

Throughout Human History, we have accomplished many Incredible Things. Starting from the Invention of Fire, Wheel, to Sending Men to the moon, and Mega Constructions. Communication, Networking and Knowledge Sharing has always been a Human need, without it, Evolution would not have been Possible. We focus on these core elements, and we Promise to Do our Best to Help Connect, Unite & Empower Humanity to Thrive and Evolve Responsibly.

Unidawn is a Multi-Cultural non-conventional company. Hence, we are focused on working towards achieving our larger goal, therefore you can expect us to make “intellectual bets in other unique areas that might seem very different or even strange when compared to our current businesses.” From the start, we’ve always strived to do more, and to do important and meaningful things with Unidawn.

Founders, Unidawn.com

Our Culture and Values

We Intend to become a Multi-Cultural, Globally Diversified Organization. With Our Continental Headquarters in multiple Continents and Primary Data Servers in Multiple Countries we Believe that our Future Is towards; United Cultures and a Unique New World.

Our Slogan: Connecting, Uniting & Empowering World's

Our Mision: To Unite Identities, Unify Cultures & Empower the World.

Our Vision: To create a Unique and Diversified, universally interconnected Network system of Netizen’s; where information sharing, connections, ideas & activities are Safe; Secure and linked Globally to Identities everywhere.